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2016-11-23 11:53 pm

MANIP: Year That Never Was (Doctor/Master, R)

Because this one deserves a repost, too. Comes with a bonus ficlet (originally posted here on my tumblr).

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2016-11-23 11:20 pm

FIC: Theta/Koschei, T

Fandom: Doctor Who (Academy era)
Pairing: Theta/Koschei
Rating: T
Genre: oneshot
Warnings: A little bit of general baby!Master creepiness. Mind control.
Length: 1400

Koschei wonders what it would take to tear down every last star, trap them and offer them all, whether even that would be worthy of the hand that sits in his. He wonders if Theta would look at him instead, then, the same way he gazes like a human to their heavens on those nights.
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2016-11-23 11:08 pm

FIC: Adonis (Doctor/Master, NC-17, 2/2)

Title: Adonis
Author: extryn
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master
Genre: Year That Never Was, angst, darkfic, pwp, possibly crack
Length: 10 K
Warnings: Non-con (or maybe dub-con if you really squint), BDSM, fisting, anal, and Hello Kitty. Not joking.

The night before Japan burns, the Master celebrates. The Doctor is tired of resisting.

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